11 Different Ways to Sport a Plain Shirt

When most people think of a shirt, they’d immediately think of a simple piece of clothing. While shirts are for simple and casual occasions, there are actually many ways to sport a regular shirt to create a whole new cool outfit. All you have to do is know how to wear it. Here are 11 fashion tips on how to sport a plain shirt:

Wear it with a Flannel

This never goes out of style and can be donned by both men and women. You can wear any shirt you want, whether plain shirts or custom tshirts with designs, and put a flannel over it. It’ll still look cool and can keep you a bit warm during the cooler days of the year. For the bottom part of your outfit, you can wear regular jeans. For the ladies, leggings will look perfect with this style, especially if the flannel is a bit loose.

Tees with Long Skirts

If you have a dinner or some sort of social gathering in the evening, you don’t need to wear an actual dress. You can actually sport a colored tee and wear a long skirt. This especially goes well for black shirts and black skirts with a bit of jewelry. Lace skirts go really well with regular shirts.

Custom Tshirts with Overalls

Overalls have been around for some time, but they’ve only made a comeback in the last few years. So what do you wear under your overalls? One of those plain or custom tshirts will do great! They can complete your look easily.

sport a Plain ShirtAll Black

Black shirts can pretty much go with everything, especially other black clothing. If it’s not too hot, you can sport a black tshirt with a pair of black jeans or black leggings. Then you can top it off with a black jacket if you can. The all-black outfit can look good on anyone.

Plain White Tee with Blazer

Blazers aren’t just for meetings and presentations. They can also be used for everyday wear if you know how to sport them well. You can wear one over a plain white tshirt and pair it with denims. Just make sure your blazer isn’t too bulky. The ones that fit you perfectly can give you a really classy and sophisticated look.

Statement Shirts

Statement shirts never really go out of style. You can buy one of those custom tshirts that you can sport around with a pair of black or blue jeans. As long as it has a statement written on it, it’s bound to gain some form of attention.

Shirt/Leather Mini Skirt Look

These days, leather miniskirts are totally in, and they go really well with plain white tees. A plain white tshirt will go with both brown and black miniskirts. If your miniskirt is a bit tight, you can wear a loose white tshirt. However, if your leather skirt is a bit loose, a slim fit shirt can match it better.

Shirt with the Hat Look

Who says hats only go well with dresses? A floppy hat goes well with a white or a bright-colored tshirt. Wear a pair of jeans and sport pair of brown boots, and you can have a goodlook! Just make sure that the floppy hat isn’t too big.

Big Cardigan

For a chilly day, you can wear a bright custom tshirt with some designs and wear an oversized cardigan. Just make sure that your oversized cardigan is also a bright color. As for the bottom part of your outfit, you can just wear a pair of jeans to go with that. It’ll complete the whole comfy look.

Destroyed Pair of Jeans

Those destroyed pair of jeans with slits and tears in the knees and legs are popular clothing items nowadays. And what’s a better match with these pair of jeans than a normal, everyday tshirt. It doesn’t need to be a designer shirt. Just wear a plain colored shirt or a custom tshirt.

Rocker Look

If you want to have a look like that of Steven Tyler, then you need to wear more graphic tshirts. In classic rock and roll fashion, Tyler wears a band tee of the legendary Aerosmith. His daughter also sports the same look. However, she completes it by wearing a pair of black heels.


You don’t need to keep to the plain, old, boring way of wearing an ordinary tshirt. All you have to do is use a little bit of your creativity, and you can turn something as plain as a shirt into a true fashion statement. These are some of the different ways you can sport an ordinary shirt so that you can look extraordinary. Try them out if you want to get a whole new look.