Golf Grips – Different Conditions, Different Grips

If golf is your passion, then you must be aware that you cannot use one kind of grip for all possible playing conditions. There are different factors to consider when choosing the most appropriate golf grips for different situations. That is why we, at Rock Bottom Golf, came up with this guide to help you make this important decision.

Male Order Grips
These are the best choices for males. You can get these for yourself or as gifts for your father or brother.

1.  Putter Grips with Ball Retriever

Right from the Mother of Invention, it features a ball retriever which makes playing golf extra fun and convenient. With a patented suction cup, you can have a worry-free golf adventure because it will surely stay in place. No matter what length your standard putter is, this grip will fit perfectly. It has a soft feel which will feel great on your hands. These grips are made of soft-tuned rubber. It enables golfers to enjoy smoother strokes and optimum distance control. It comes in classic, sophisticated designs that professional golfers prefer.

2.  Polymer Grips

Golf GripsIt has the best combination when it comes to golf grips – non-slip quality and comfortable grip. When combined, these will form a great golf tool which will lead to excellent performance in all your games. This is the perfect choice for any kind of weather condition. You will notice that the grip features uneven texture. This is meticulously designed to ensure maximum comfort and optimum grip. In addition, it feels soft with a highly efficient shock absorption feature.

3.  Combo Grips

This is perfect for males who like making statements with their sporting tools. These grips come with bold designs and vibrant colors. These grips are perfect opportunity to show off your fashion preferences. It allows you to play golf in style. While most people tend to choose neutral colors and classic design, you can choose to stand out and express yourself through these grips’ loud and elaborate designs.

4. Jumbo Grip

Its shock absorption feature is air-cushioned. With this golf tool technology, you have the best combination of control and comfort. These grips are well-loved especially by golfers who suffer from arthritis.

Female Fame

It’s time for ladies to show how they also excel in golf as well as other sports. To ensure optimum performance, these are recommended for female golfers.

1.  Standard Grips

The classic design and responsive feel of standard golf grips are perfect for the ladies. These grips will never let extreme weather conditions hold you back from playing golf. With the application of the latest golf tools technology, you will enjoy its texture and its torque reduction feature. It also comes at a very affordable price.

2.  Arthritic Grips

GolfWomen are often thought of as unpredictable. Weather conditions are also known to be the same. Arthritic grips are perfect because it remains tacky no matter what kind of weather there is. Made of thermo plastic rubber, it ensures maximum performance, rain or shine. It features a serrated design which makes you feel comfortable yet in control. These grips are perfect for arthritic golfers, precisely as its name describes.

3.  Swing Grips

This kind of grip is perhaps one of the most stylish grips that you can see in a golf course. This is perfect for golfers who are tired of plain grips and would like to showcase their fashion sense. It adds a touch of cheer in any given golf course and it is sure to catch other people’s attention. However, you should never underestimate these grips because of its loud designs. These bold aesthetics are backed up by excellent feel.

Everything you need

Kits are perfect for golfers who are always on-the-go. It has everything that you need and once you are done with the necessary installation, you can play golf as much as you want.

1. Standard Grip Kit

Golf PuttersThe standard grip kit prides itself of its durability. It excels in terms of tackiness, softness, comfort, and shock absorption. It is very easy to install and does not even need tapes. Made from rubber blend material, it can perform well even under extreme weather conditions. It can last up to a whole year. It comes with thirteen grips, installation attachment, and installation gun.

2.  Complete Grip Kit

It includes everything that you need – Grip strips, vice clamp, user’s card/manual, and tape activator. Existing users cannot get enough of the tape activator spray especially when they compare it with the conventional solvent.

Different conditions, different grips. Take the challenge. Find the best among these golf grips and never let it go.

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