How To Choose PCB Fabrication Company

When hiring the service of a contract manufacturing parting to perform the task of PCB fabrication, there are a number of factors that must be taken into consideration to be able to select the most suitable printed circuit board fabrication company. Here are five of these factors:


1. Do they have quality systems?

The printed circuit board company must readily offer a quality system, such as ISO 9001:2008. This system is already the minimum certification that a company must have to be able to ensure their capacity to create a first-class product. In the event that the available quality system is different, make sure to examine whether the PCB company is certified by a licensed registrar at this present time.


Finally, verify if the manufacturing company is willing to agree in investing more in order to be licensed to a quality system that is the same as the client. When they say yes to this, it only implies their determination and desire to have a long lasting business relationship.


2. Is the cost reasonable and within the budget?

Always request a detailed breakdown of the overall production cost. Take a look at the items that form part of the manufacturing costs. Take into consideration about the fact that the costs of labor also vary significantly from one company to another. Then, conduct a research with a goal of making comparison of each item in the breakdown. This will facilitate in figuring out whether the manufacturing costs of a company are in line with the industry average. It is important to obtain an accurate research and comparison of the detailed expenses and the overall price.


3. Are the workers certified and skilled?

In order to ensure that the PCB fabrication company is definitely able to accomplish the manufacturing process within the given time frame, the company would not only need equipment that is efficiently maintained. A team of qualified technicians is another equally important requirement. For this reason, remember to assess the training and certification records of the workers.

Make it a point that they have actually attained the necessary technical qualifications to allow them to perform their tasks. There may also be employees that are not certified. To give them the benefit of the doubt and the chance of working despite their lack of certification, evaluate how they developed along the way.


4. Is their equipment new, durable and properly maintained?

The efficiency and durability of the equipment being used by the contract company in the PCB fabrication process is essential to their capability of properly completing the requirements stated in the contract. Does the company make use of a new or second hand equipment? Is the equipment, even up to date with the latest innovations? Are the reflow ovens, wave soldering tools and other machines adequately maintained? Checking their maintenance records can help the customers have an idea about the sincerity of the PCB company to supply the best quality.


5. Is their procurement department highly dependable and sufficiently knowledgeable?

B-C-BConduct an evaluation of the procurement department of the PCB fabrication company. Does the company maintain an acceptable internal inventory? Does the department purchase supplies from international or from local vendors? Do they keep a tight business relationship with the merchants that they are given special discounts easily?How does the department approach situations wherein the parts are outdated or rare? Are the procurement department employee equipped with adequate skills and knowledge in finding alternate options for these rare or outdated parts? Can they able understand drawings clearly enough to be able to build a list of materials with little guidance?


Mechanical Pcb fabrication comprises of numerous strides which take after the strict conventions set by the IPC in connection to get together, plan, and quality control.